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Visit the 4 corners of the UK in 36 hours. This ride has been recognised by the IBA as a certified ride since it was first completed in April 2008 by John Phillipson on a Honda NTV650. The full rules and rider guidance documents are here. The Corners are as follows:

Note you don't necessarily have to do an End to End ride as part of this, do the 4 Corners in any order you wish. The ride has more than eight options to complete. The route is around 1400-1900 miles depending upon your starting point, as follows:

Anti clockwise

  • Start John O'Groats, end Lowestoft 1,475 miles
  • Start St David's, end John O'Groats 1,550 miles
  • Start Land's End, end St David's 1,896 miles
  • Start Lowestoft, end Land's End 1,778 miles


  • Start John O'Groats, end St David's 1,535 miles
  • Start Lowestoft, end John O'Groats 1,475 miles
  • Start Land's end Lowestoft 1,763 miles
  • Start St David's, end Land's End 1,882 miles

There are more options for this ride which will all be looked at. As long as all 4 corners are visited in the time allowed, go whichever way you wish.


Visit the 4 corners of the UK in 24 hours

This ride may only be attempted by those having successfully completed a SaddleSore or BunBurner ride.