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IBA rallies

8hr Iceni 2016, East Anglia
Bonus locations

We run several scatter rallies of different lengths and ranging over different territories. Each rally follows broadly the same format although they differ from one another in detailed ways. Our shortest rally is currently the 12 hour Brit Butt Light with a territory somewhat larger than Yorkshire. The longest rally in Great Britain is the 36 hour Brit Butt which has Great Britain as its territory. Longer rallies are available across continental Europe and the original big daddy of them all is the 11 day Iron Butt Rally ranging across North America.

Are these races?

No. The rallies can be very competitive among the leading players but they are definitely not races. Races depend on the use of high speed and daring; IBA rallies depend on planning and resilience. They can be best thought of as an exercise in solving the well-known "Travelling Salesman Problem" as solved by multi-drop van drivers every working day. You are given a selection of possible locations to visit and photograph, scattered right across the rally's territory and you must choose which to visit, in which order, building a points score within the effective riding time (ERT) of the rally.

I can't ride all day long!

You don't need to. In an 8 hour rally the ERT is quite a bit less than 8 hours: you need to stop for fuel, for food and drink, to visit bonus locations and to complete the paperwork within the 8 hours so you might be actually riding for six or seven hours, in some cases even less. Longer rallies usually include specified rest periods, sometimes one or two hours, sometimes longer. The Brit Butt rally usually includes a six hour rest requirement. Few of our rallies include minimum miles or minimum points so you can ride as much or as little as your comfort zone permits. Safety is our prime concern. Multi-day rallies include plenty of time for rest and sleep as well as plenty of time to ride your bike. The Brit Butt Tour lasts TEN MONTHS for those who prefer to ride at their leisure.

Why should I enter these rallies?

First and foremost because they're fun. Secondly because they will help you develop your skills at riding, route planning, navigation and body management. You'll ride to places you'd never otherwise visit, you'll ride roads known only to a few. You'll meet like-minded souls and enjoy telling about the "ones that got away". Go on, you know you want to ...