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The purpose of the Brit Butt Tour is to give experienced and less experienced long distance riders a reason to visit places they would not normally get to. You can visit the locations any time during the year from 1st January to 31st October. This will be an Annual event. The Brit Butt Tour can be used for rally practice, just a day out or a holiday. You can visit as many locations as you wish, close to home or further afield. The tour is based on the previous year’s Brit Butt Rally bonuses which are typically spread over all areas of the UK from Scotland to Wales and England. Sometimes even abroad.


On registering for the tour you will be emailed the previous year’s rally book and your unique entry number. You then make your own flag/plaque out of whatever you choose. The design can be whatever you wish as long as it contains your unique number. We suggest cloth and a permanent marker or laminated paper. When you visit a location take a picture of it with your flag; your unique number must be visible in the photograph. All other requirements (times available, bike in photo, etc) must comply with the specifications in the rally book. As you take your pictures you should email them to and post them on the Brit butt tour thread on the forum Through the year a score sheet will be published on a thread on the Iron Butt Association UK Forum.


Registration is £20 (payable by paypal to Please send a confirmation email to detailing your name, full address and bike you will ride with Brit Butt Tour as the title. Each year £5 from each entry will go to IBAUK’s charity of the year.


  • Platinum Certificate : Awarded for visiting every bonus location. This will vary each year depending on how many bonuses were in the previous rally book.
  • Gold Certificate : Awarded for visiting 50 bonus locations
  • Silver Certificate : Awarded for visiting 25 Bonus locations
  • Bronze Certificate : Awarded for Visiting 10 Bonus locations
  • Special Award : A prize will be given for the Best rally flag.

The certificates will presented annually at the November National Meeting or posted to those unable to attend.

Any Queries email me Philip Weston