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Shortest Ride Of The Year 2023
(Friday 22nd December 2023)


First run in 2019, the Shortest Ride Of The Year (SROTY) is a daylight ride starting at sunrise on the Winter Solstice and terminating at sunset on the same day. It is not a certificate ride, the length being typically around 400-500 miles, but is intended to be a gentle social affair to mark the end of the year. This event is open to all, IBA members and non-members alike.

2023 event

In 2023 we'll leave Samphire Hoe, Dover /// at 0756 and travel some 364 miles to Lands End, Cornwall ///morphing.plot.texted


In 2019, we gathered at Ness Point ///forks.voted.cross, the most easterly point of Great Britain, at sunrise (0802) then rode singly or in pairs to Lands End ///morphing.plot.texted in time for sunset (1630). Individual routes varied but the typical distance ridden was 432 miles.

You can read a ride report "Shortest ride - Bodmin Moor".

In 2020 a different SROTY was planned but 2020 turned out to be "special" and with participants having to drop out one by one as Covid restrictions became tighter and tighter, the event was eventually postponed until 2021.

In 2021 we rode from Norwich, England to Dumfries, Scotland via Wrexham, Wales.

In 2022 we left Peterhead, Scotland ///nests.profiled.pelting, the most easterly point of Scotland, at sunrise (0848) ready to ride to Neist Point lighthouse on the Isle of Skye ///meaning.adopters.reseller, the most westerly point of Scotland, before sunset (1543), a distance of approximately 242 miles.