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Contacting IBA UK

IBA UK is run by several volunteers, all members of the Iron Butt Association. As such we don't have "office hours" (or even offices) so email is the way to go. Please choose a recipient from the list below.

  • IBA UK President - Philip "FazerPhil" Weston IBA #432

    My first bike was a 1960s Vespa. I became a born again biker in 2000 when I bought a 600 Suzuki Bandit before moving onto the Yamaha Fazer 1000. In 2005 I completed my first ride out of the UK completing a SS1000 to Budapest. In 2008 I was a finisher in the Brit Butt Rally and am the only rider to have completed a BBG3000 in the UK. Completed rides in UK, Europe and the USA culminating in finishing IBR2011 on a Fazer 1000 on my first bike ride in the USA.

    To contact Phil email:

  • IBA UK Ride Verifications - Martin "Megabuck" Buck IBA #57757

    I've been riding motorcycles since around 1980 - a mix of commuting and touring. My honeymoon was a two-week trip around France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Belgium, and I've done several long-distance European trips.

    I got involved with IBAUK in 2012; I've done numerous UK and European Rides to Eat, along with the Brit Butt Rally, European Tour rallies and Alpenbutt rally. I've done rides on bikes from full-on tourers (BMW R1100RT, WK 650 TR) to an adventure bike (Triumph Tiger 800) to a sports-oriented bike (R1200RS). It's not about the bike, and we've had rides completed on everything from Pan Europeans to H-D Fat Boy to Piaggio MP3. Just plan the ride, then ride the plan - then send me the details!

    To contact Martin email:

  • Invictus Tour Rallymaster - Steve "Winglider" Westall IBA #40092

    I started riding bikes aged 15, my first being a BSA Bantam which I rode round and round my parent's back garden turning it into a dirt oval. Over the next 20 years I rode a selection of Normans, Triumphs and Nortons before having a break to produce a family.

    Then came the Harleys: Sportster right up to Electra Glide Ultra and my first Iron Butt ride, the RBLR1000. Switching to a Honda Goldwing resulted in many more IBA rides.

    Now it's time to put something back which is why I am arranging the Invictus Tour.

    To contact Steve email:

  • Ride to Eat Co-Ordinator - Graeme "GraemeandSally" Dawson IBA #51229

    Started out on a pink Lambretta; Have been riding bikes for over 20 years and currently own not one but two Honda Pan-Europeans

    So far I have completed several SaddleSores, especially in support of the RBLR1000, competed in all our rallies and attended rides to eat all over Great Britain and the continent.

    Looking forward to meeting many more riders at rides to eat and in the rallies.

    To contact Graeme email:

  • Brit Butt Light Rallymaster - Lee Edwards IBA #59974

    Started riding at the ripe age of 16 with a Yamaha DT50MX and soon learnt why oil is an essential ingredient of a 2-stroke. Many bikes and no more seizures later I was introduced to the IBA after the Welsh, Scottish and National Road Rallies wet my whistle. Since then I've been plugging away at the rallies and loving the randomness of where I'll end up. I've decided to give something back by taking over the Brit Butt Light Rally for a while, hope everyone enjoys where I send them.


    To contact Lee email:

  • Chief Technical Inspector - Rick "Rick, UK" Allies IBA #4001

    Started my biking career in 1991, and my first bike after passing my test was a Suzuki GSX250 - whatever could go wrong with it, did! But when it was running we certainly covered some miles! After a year on a GPZ500, in 1994 I moved up to a CBR600 - which is still in my hands and running today. Finally, in 1997 I bought the Blackbird, which I also still own.

    In 1998 I completed my first SS1000 - the second documented one in the UK! I've also completed SS1K and BB1500 rides in the UK and Europe.

    Since 2008 I have been Technical Inspector for IBA UK, and have been involved in the organisation and running of all the Brit Butt Rallies since then. In 2012 I became Rallymaster for the Brit Butt Light Rally.

    To contact Rick email:

  • RBLR1000 organiser / Brit Butt Rallymaster - Mark "FJRPilot" Fowler IBA #40047

    Been riding for 30 years. I've not had many bikes but I tend to keep them and ride them. My last bike was an FJR1300 and I rode over 70,000 miles on it.

    I became an IBA member in 2009 and have been hooked ever since. I ran the 8 hour novice Iceni Rally and also overhauled the RBLR1000 routes in 2016. I've now taken on the challenge of the mighty Brit Butt Rally as well.

    To contact Mark email:

  • IBA UK Shop - John "JON12A" Cunniffe IBA #57672

    I ride a BMW R1200 GSA and I ride quite long distances.

    I also have a garage full of IBA UK Merchandise just waiting to be sent to you! See the Shop on this site.

    To contact John email:

  • Webmaster / Rally Administrator - Bob "saphena" Stammers IBA #51220

    Started riding late in life by buying a Honda CG125 unseen on eBay, fixing 'L' plates and riding 90 miles home in the rain.

    Having passed my test I bought a Triumph Bonneville and was introduced to long distance riding in the National Road Rally when I rode a total of 720 miles in exactly 24 hours. I finally completed an SS1000 in 2010 and a BB1500 in 2013. I also came last in BBR12.

    To contact Bob email:

Or, if you're interested in finding out more by joining the conversation with the entire membership, register on our forum.

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